Ambrosia Catering is licensed and insured. If you require references or a certificate of insurance for your event we will be happy to comply.

Sales Tax

Ambrosia Catering will add a 6% sales tax charge to all food and beverage items. Taxable items include supplies, rentals, and food.  Service staff is not taxable. If you are tax exempt, appropriate documentation is required.


A deposit of 50% is required to book the requested date. The deposit is non-refundable but will be applied to the balance of your invoice. Payment arrangements can be made for the balance.

Guest Count

Ten days (or an agreed upon date) before the event, you will provide Ambrosia Catering will a final guest count. After that date you may increase the number of guest but not decrease.

Food and Beverage Estimates

Total costs vary according to menu selection and type of event. All food and supplies will be provided by Ambrosia Catering unless other arrangements are agreed upon. Alcohol may only be provided by the customer. Ambrosia Catering will be prepared to serve up to 5 percent above the guarantee for buffets but the five percent is NOT guaranteed. Exact head counts are required for plated dinners.

Other Services

Ambrosia Catering will be happy to work with other providers such as florists, musicians and photographers.

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